• Rhea Ci Iab Yang

Who You Are Is A Trap

Remember when you had such a hard time figuring out who you are. It made you depressed. It made you uncomfortable in your own skin. You hear people keep telling you to just be you, but who are you really? Does your job define you? Your friends? Your clothes? The foods you eat? The way you talk? Your favorite color? The music you listen to? For some reason, you feel the pressure of coming up with the right combination of things to make you somebody and then being the person forever.

With time, you are realizing that figuring out who you are is not a one time occurrence.

You are going to be discovering and rediscovering yourself year after year. You are not likely going to be the same person you are 5 years, 10 years, 20 years from now. You are like a butterfly. Your life consists of phases and transformations. You are a dynamic being ever changing living in an expanding world. Stop trying to write your identity in stone. Stop trying so hard to identify yourself and put labels and adjectives onto you. Why be a prisoner of your own words?

Let go of your identity if you want to taste true freedom. Just be as you are. Anytime and anywhere. Think of how liberating that is to no longer care who you are.




©2019 by Rhea Ci Iab Yang.