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Welcome to my life blog. My name is Rhea Ci Iab Yang. I am...(are you ready for this one?)... a young eclectic adult, first-generation, Hmong-American woman born in a refugee camp in Phanang Nakhon, Thailand in the year 1994 whose family immigrated to the United States that same year and ever sinced has grew up kinda poor, kinda not, but definitely not rich, in a small town in Wausau, Wisconsin with a household of 8 or 7 including mom but eventually dad died when I was 4 or 5 years old but childhood was pretty good for most parts and although I have lived in various other cities during my college years, I am now back in the house I grew up in to take care of Mom, but actually she is really taking care of me even though I am a 26 year old woman who should really get my shit together but really struggling to find my footing in this world however I understand life is a journey to be taken.

And that is a little bit of background on me. 

These stories and thoughts are my own to express. They may not please or may not be well written but if you want to leave me positive notes, please feel free. 



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